REACH112 (Responding to all citizens needing help) is a three-year project partially funded by the European Commission under the ICT PSP CIP programme.

REACH112 is an implementation of Total Conversation (TC) standard for telecommunications for all.

REACH112 works with Deaf sign language users, hard-of-hearing people, those with learning disabilities and speech disabilities – in fact, the aim is to open up telecommunications to all people. The project does this by providing software and hardware to which allows people to call each other in video, in voice or in text, or in any combination.
REACH112 has been set challenging goals by the EC and expects to demonstrate all aspects of the TC service by the middle of 2011.
As a result, the TC Telecoms infrastructure is in place (mobile and fixed line, text, voice, video calling, videomail, gateways to the voice phone networks, user registration online, number allocation); users have been recruited; devices and software solutions have been provided; consultations with all agencies and individuals is ongoing; training for operators and relay services is being produced; there is online help in sign language and text.
Why not join the Total Conversation Revolution? It is free during the project lifetime. Go to and become part of the new telecommunications network.

REACH112 connects legacy videophones with computers, netbook applications and now with mobile phones. Why not try myFriend?